Orange Halloween Worm Punch

1 – 12 oz. Can Orange-Pineapple frozen concentrate
1 – 12 oz. Can Apricot Nectar
2 – 12 oz. Cans Lemon-Lime soda
1 – 6 oz. Can Orange-Pineapple frozen concentrate
Gummy Worms

Follow instructions on 6 oz. can orange-pineapple concentrate. Cover bottom of bundt cake pan with gummy worms (sugar frosted or not), then pour just enough orange-pineapple drink into the pan to almost cover your worms. Don’t let your worms float to the top of the juice if you can help it! Stick that in the freezer until firm, then pour remaining juice over top and freeze into your “Wormy Ring”.
Next, make up your 12 oz. can of Orange-Pineapple frozen concentrate in a big punch bowl, and add the Apricot Nectar along with your Lemon-Lime soda. Pull your bundt pan out of the freezer and run a little warm water around the outside to loosen up your wormy ring, invert and float in punch. Sprinkle any leftover worms around in your punch bowl and let the kids have fun!

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